All India President - Circular


To: All State Presidents - SSSO

Dear Brother,


Sai Ram!


Sub:Techno Group


There were 2 meetings of this group at Prasanthi Nilayam during Sivaratri: one was a meeting of the Group members and the other was one I attended along with some state presidents to finalise the action points.

I wish to reiterate the importance of this Group and its objectives. Technology is a good instrument for improving the efficiency and reach of our Seva. The challenges of modern times require us to be aware of the advantages of Technology and to put it good use for service to Humanity; Technology wrongly used becomes Tricknology according to Bhagavan. The Sai Organisation should set an example for the right use of Technology in the service of the needy.

Enclosed are the minutes of the meeting.


The following are the action points that I request and require of you:


1.     Ensure that you nominate a person on this group who has experience of our seva activities. Nominating only a person familiar with computers and software will not be suitable. You may change your nominations if required.

2.     Ensure that your state takes up immediately any one of the three thrust projects identified, namely, Sanitation [ water efficient toilets],  Water purification [ either water filtration using Purion technology or defluoridisation technology] or Agriculture [ seed technology]. Details are available with the technology group contact Sri Srinivasulu.


I would request you to acknowledge this communication and to confirm to me the action being taken by you.


Yours in Sai Seva,

V. Srinivasan