Tech group constituted on 17th of February 2004 with Divine blessings and initiated by the All India President



·  So long we had several services like Bhajans, Nagarsankirtans, Narayana seva, Medical service, Veterinary service, Balavikas, Cleaning services and some health and hygiene services etc both at home and subsequently in villages. Now there has been rapid expansion in volume, variety, quality and reach.

·  We should recognize that all services definitely need technical orientation at some stage or the other in the present age. This would enhance our activity both in volume, quality and provide the impact and thrust.

·  In order to cope up and to enhance the quality of service activity in a more reachable and understandable manner to a large section of the beneficiaries, it is necessary and essential to take advantage of the technological innovations available at home and globally for the benefit of the poor and needy.

·  To achieve this goal we need to pool technical expertise available from our selected group of experts from the organization and beyond. We need to provide solutions that are beneficial, adaptable, and operable in a village environment. At the same time to select a technology that is affordable, proven, self reliant and manageable by the users in a village environment. In short it should be user friendly 



·  The whole concept is to reach out places that are far, remote and provide the village folk what is most needed by them rather than what we can do. This could be in the areas of provision of affordable homes, toilets, drinking water, solar lighting, micro power generation, medical facility, educational facility, agro service, and training facilities in useful employment generating trades. Further to provide them with ideas and support to set up micro industries that would make them self reliant and stay put in the villages instead of migrating in to cities and towns.

·  Finally to raise their living standards and make a way for their economic up liftment through these services and of course with a provision of spiritual background based on the platform of love and sacrifice. This is the specific feature unlike the other agencies. We will use the Divine message service to reach our goals in all possible modes and means. 


How are we doing? 

·  By nominating members from each State/District- with technical background and have keen interest in technical services. They must be able to allot time and have commitment. They should invest their time in search of suitable technologies both from India and overseas. While it is limited to have three to four members from each state, there is no restriction in terms of participating or supporting ideas form non members at all times.

·  There will be an All India coordinator who has to motivate, receive and monitor the information-received form the members. The selected projects are evaluated before presentation. Technical group meetings are held at Prasanthinilayam every quarter during the festivals. The follow up and implementation of the schemes presented and approved will be an ongoing feature in between the meetings. The final implementation is subjected to the All India Presidents approval

·  In all meetings project reviews will be there, followed by new project presentations by the members. Suggestions are taken and implementation procedures and locations discussed

·  A News and Views letter is generated and distributed in every meeting. In the meeting all the published ideas are discussed and implemented where ever and when ever required

·  All financial needs are to be generated with in the state organization resources in the usual manner and we should not approach any one soliciting funds are support 


Areas of Interest and the need 

·  In the fields of Agro services-Animation-bio tech services-Computer and info tech services-Drinking water purification-Distribution-Electrical micro power projects based on Hydro systems-Ground water and water shed management-House constructions-Health and Hygiene services-Information technology-Solar lighting-Heating-Distillation-Drying- Toilet construction- Sanitation-A number of related useful and economical tech services.

·  The E- media group will also use their technical skills to promote Organizational services like the Balavikas, animated moral stories, small skits, publication materials for the usage of Radio Sai broadcast in regional languages. The techno group also designs formats and provide software for operating the large sevadal force, maintaining their skill sets, blood groups, attendance and availabilities. 


Projects implemented E-Media group  

·  A soft ware for the Organization database of Sevdal force, their skill sets, attendence, contacts schedule of attendance in Prasanthi services, their blood grouping and service record. This is useful for each state service planning and ashram authorities as well.

·  A Ceiling on Desires programme for the benefit of all.

·  A Chinaa Katha Animation production-A model is generated for the production of some more by any one. A Chinna Katha 23 stories in Telugu is available.

·  Production of Audio CD’s for Radio Sai Programmes in regional languages-14 programmes are developed so far. Video Productions of beneficiary’s reaction and impact.

·  Production of Exhibition products and service activities in a professional manner.

·  Health and Hygiene presentations for Grama Seva

·  Grama seva programme production in regional languages 


Techno Group  

·  A Micro Hydropower generator at Phokri in Uttarakhand is supplying lighting power for 60 homes.

·  A solar lighting projects for a school and a temple premise in Karnataka.

·  Over 34,000 affordable toilets construction in the District Rewa in Madya Pradesh.

·  Construction of toilets in most of the Districts of Orissa.

·  Construction of Special type of affordable RCC roofs on buildings—Orissa

·  Construction ideas for walls and roofs with 30% cost reduction.—Orissa

·  Vegitable cultivation-by Biotech ideas and bio pesticide usage—Orissa and Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh-For Tomatoes, mushrooms, fruits and flowers.

·  A Organic-farming project in Ooty in Tamilnadu with Associated training facility-see web site

·  A 500 liter an hour De-fluoridation plant at Bahadur pet in Nalgond District of Andhra Pradesh where the fluoride levels are high in the range of 3 to 3.5 ppm and the Total dissolved solids in the range of 1000/1500 ppm. This plant is serving 1000 people every day with 12 liters of water for each home since November 2006.The corrected Fluoride level is 0.5 ppm and TDS at 300 ppm.

·  A defluoridation plant at Nallacheruvu in Karnataka district delivering 400 liters an hour operating at he above described parameters serving 800 people in the village.

·  De-Fluoridation plants in Maharastra with a capacity of 500 liters an hour serving 1000 people. Low cost housing construction techniques.- set up by Orissa

·  .A de-fluoridation plant of 1000 liters per hour in Mallapur In Nalgonda District of Andhra Pradesh serving 4500 people every day with 12 liters per home.

·  A de-fluoridation plant in Marlapalle in Puttaparthi mandal with 500letrs per hour

·  A de fluoridation plant in Kathvarpalle in Puttaparthi mandal with 500 liters per hour.

·  .Purion water filters in 9 locations in Tamilnadu serving in schools in villages. The capacity range from 1000 liters per hour to 250 liters per hour was installed.

·  In Orissa 20 homes were constructed in 6 villages

·  1 400 terra water filters were supplied in 56 villages in 31 districts of Orissa.

·  1Youth wings were trained in Agro based cultivation and management in Orissa. 


Role and Responsibilities of members/State Presidents/District Presidents.  

·  To nominate tech group members with specific eligibility criteria as specified and see that they attend the group meets. They also should report back to their District president.

·  To be in constant search of new ideas and projects through Internet, web facility, National research labs, news and magazine publications, government departments, research scientists, rural development commissions and various possible sources.

·  To identify possible problems in villages and introduce selected technological solutions.

·  4.Be in communication with the Tech group and update the contacts information.

·  Generate and motivate interest in identification and implementation.

·  Documentation of all project reports and implementation programmes.

·  Stregthen the group with review and new nominations wherever necessary.

·  The group activity and importance should be discussed. To be oriented towards the active district service coordinators as well. They all should be part and parcel of the service wings 


Maintenance and managements of implemented projects  

·  All projects that are implemented should be self reliant and operable by the selected and trained village members with very little supervision by our group members as far as possible. We should make all efforts to train them to manage and operate. The members should provide well-written codes and practices. We should encourage them to have a village committee to operate and manage such projects.

·  All safety related specifications and regulations should be displayed and explained to the concerned operating members.

·  Our group must obtain all establishment licenses and operating licenses for any equipment that falls in such categories. This must be done through and by the village committee only. All such documents must not be in our Organization or Swami’s name. It must be in the name of the concerned panchayat or their elected members. All constructions and lay out should be with in the local regulations and permits obtained before construction activity.

·  We should never involve in any financial transactions with the beneficiaries or their representatives at any time. We should never burden them with any financial load of any size.

·  Periodical visits, inspections and reporting on the working of the projects are very essential for successful operation. 


Our Vision for the future  

·  Our main focus should be on health and Hygiene related-with special reference to supply of pure safe drinking water facility wherever required.

·  Provision of toilet facilities in villages to the 100 percent level.

·  Mnagement and disposal of house hold garbage and animal refuse that generates flies and spread of disease.

·  Training of village youth in employment oriented trade skill sets such as plumbing, carpentry, masonry, welding, fitting, auto mechanic, electrician etc.

·  Training in the operation and maintenance of computers and related skills.

·  Establishment of micro scale industrial establishments for youth groups in men and women to make the youth engaged and employed. This is to make them stay in the village and avoid migration to cities. This needs our members to be well equipped with the knowledge and liaison with the government industrial department concerned wings. We must take the experience of our Orissa group in this respect. 


Web site and related information  

·  All members are encouraged to register themselves and visit our web site:

·  All the News & Views and proceedings will be posted in this site and the panel of our experts from various states can be viewed here. You will also see the past and current projects taken up and implemented.

·  The various links for techno information can be seen here. All members need to register with the group coordinator with their name-address-date of birth-first name-last name-land and mobile contact numbers and E-mail ID. With this feedback the group coordinator issues your username and password for accessing the web site.

·  They should contribute some interesting technical articles that are useful for all concerned.

·  Suggest ways and means to promote and enhance the quality and value of the site.

·  Must attempt to pose questions and answer the queries by the members.

·  Supply links for the web site to enable visiting related sites at home and abroad. 

·  Help line: H.Srinivasulu-All India Tech group Coordinator-1-11-251/B-Apartment 203-Block A “The Windsor” Brindavan colony/Begumpet/Hyderbad-500016

·  Tel :040 66317091/040 40202845/Mobile 98497 54445 E-mail: E-mail: